Type ID Commit Developer Date
NEW18Alcohol System - Brew different types in return for money.Jack2019-01-30
NEW17Kevlar Factory SystemJack2019-01-29
CHANGE16Changed scoreboard icon of almost every rank.Bobbie2019-01-23
NEW15Fastfood - Make your own food (Useful for restaurant RPs)Bobbie2019-01-23
NEW14Racing system - Challenge your friendsBobbie2019-01-23
NEW13Firesystem (Molotovs, fire and more fire)Bobbie2019-01-23
NEW12Added GMod Eats - Food delivery systemBobbie2019-01-22
NEW11Added Blues slots and Blues double or nothingBobbie2019-01-22
NEW10Added Blue ATMsBobbie2019-01-22
NEW9New medic system; if you die a medic has to arrive in an amount of time before actually dying.Bobbie2019-01-22
NEW8Added 2 robbery systems, a bank vault and a police armory.Bobbie2019-01-22
NEW7Billboards, advert your shop or other RP through the whole map. Bobbie2019-01-22
CHANGE6Changed map to rp_evocity_v33xBobbie2019-01-22
FIX5Bug where VC-Mod Car Dealer spawns after being removed from the configuration.Jack2019-01-11
FIX4Terrorist Playermodel and Player icon in the F4 menuJack2019-01-11
FIX3Batman PlayermodelJack2019-01-11
NEW2New jobs for donator ranks and user rank.Jack2019-01-09
NEW1VanityGaming is back!Bobbie2019-01-09
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